Sign up here for Sarah Scheele's street team. You will be given access to both early reader copies (ARCs) of unpublished new books by Sarah Scheele and older books already in print for which I am requesting more reviews. You will be emailed whenever I have a book that needs reviewing and you are free to elect not to participate in reviewing any specific book. Reviewing the book is a requirement and is expected if you do participate, however.

Feedback (beta reading) is optional. It takes a greater time investment from you than just reviewing the book, since you will send detailed notes of your overall reactions. If you wish to do so, you can send optional detailed feedback to my email address when you put up the review, but I don't expect this of most reviewers.

All reviews should be your honest opinion. I anticipate some negative or lukewarm (3 star) reviews. If you give a 5-star review and you live in the United States or Canada, you can email me a link to your review and a note that it is 5-star and I will mail you a complimentary signed paperback copy. Do not fill out the mailing address part of the form if you live outside North America. I am sorry that I'm not able to offer complimentary copies by mail to other regions at this time.

Sending you a book is not an "incentive" or a reward for your review, nor is it an encouragement that you should write a 5-star review if you don't genuinely mean it. It is simply a gesture of gratitude because I made a positive connection with someone who liked my book and if you liked it that much, you might like a paperback copy to keep as well. If you reviewed less than 5 stars, I imagine you don't want a paperback cluttering up your home anyway
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